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Extensive experience in litigation in the different Jurisdictions, providing, in short, a comprehensive legal advice in the field of civil-commercial, administrative and environmental law.
in the field of civil-commercial, administrative and environmental law, with great professional experience in the area of urban planning law, both in knowledge of urban planning instruments and of the different legal and material vicissitudes that may occur in this market.
that may occur in this market.

E.J.C.A has been carrying out comprehensive legal advice since its founding in everything related to urban planning on the Costa del Sol, both in planning, allegations to this, development, licenses, urban studies, due diligence, etc…

E.J.C.A. has professionals with extensive experience in Environmental legislation, which has become a fundamental element in areas related to other legal fields and of necessary knowledge for urban development and all kinds of industrial and business activities.

Our geographical scope of implementation makes it necessary to have extensive knowledge of this matter both due to the environmental characteristics of the different economic activities, and due to the presence of the protection zones that being a maritime geographical area implies.

E.J.C.A. It has been advising real estate actions since its founding, both as a final buyer of the product and within the business field of promotion and construction, as well as investment. Our firm carries out the necessary studies of real estate in order to provide legal certainty to the real estate operation…
E.J.C.A. has extensive experience in defending its clients in different areas and administrative matters, both in administrative and contentious-administrative proceedings, both in different administrative areas, such as expropriation procedures, asset liability of public administration, etc…
E.J.C.A. He has intervened in numerous civil procedures for claiming amounts, fulfillment of obligations, resolution of contracts, leases, building planning law, and in general in all aspects that allow action in civil courts. He has also carried out and advised in the field of contractual relations of all kinds, successions, family law, etc…
E.J.C.A. can put professionals at your disposal for everything related to commercial law and specifically the incorporation of companies, relations between partners, capital operations, advice on meetings of capital companies, corporate operations, and in everything related to bankruptcy law and trade operations. It can also support and defend the positions of the parties in the commercial courts.